About Foundation

Purport of Establishment

Magokichi Yamaoka, the founder of YANMAR, succeeded in developing the world's first compact diesel engines by introducing and further developing the German diesel engine technology. Thanks to this feat, he could lay the foundation for the diesel engine based business of YANMAR. Magokichi Yamaoka realized how he owed Germany and made various efforts for cultural exchanges between Germany and Japan for many years thereafter, in deep appreciation and also being cognizant of its importance.

Our corporation was established to succeed to the thoughts of the founder and to pass them down to future generations.

Cultural exchanges with other countries not only nurture and bloom the potential creativity of human beings but also provide a foundation for realizing a sustainable society. Our corporation strives to promote higher academic and cultural performances through various cultural exchanges between Germany and Japan so as to contribute to sustainable development and prosperity of society as well as peaceful coexistence of mankind.

In addition, we extensively carry out academic and cultural enlightenment activities for people in general so that the citizens of Germany and Japan would maintain their own identity, still could accept cultures of other countries and become independent as an intelligent person with open and innovative mind.